Sunday, 27 January 2013

Delete node in LinkedList

Delete a given node in a singly linked list. You don't have an access to the root node of the list. You have only access to the given node. Let's suppose this is your definition of a node.
class Node {
    Node next;
    int data;
Deleting a node in the middle of a singly linked list could happen if you copy the value from the next node over the given node and then to delete the next node.
public static void deleteMiddleNode(Node n){
    if(n == null){
        System.out.println("Node value is incorrect");
    // in case of last element
    if( == null){
        n = null;
    Node next =; =; =;


  1. Can't you delete the last element by just setting it to null ?

    1. Yes, you can - thanks Dhaval :)

    2. Hey,

      Sorry for the confusion but I think we can't delete last element.

      In Java we use pass by value. So in your code Node n is pointing to the last element.
      Now if we do n=null then we are setting n to null not the last elements in the list which is still not null.

      Hope it makes sense and again sorry for the wrong comment.

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